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“Power to U”: New campaign to manage the increased risk for oral cancer

We focus on early detection by providing all different kinds of support (including clinicians and individuals with FA)
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Improving Nutrition and Understanding Nutrient-sensing in Persons with Fanconi anemia

Lindsey Romick explores the findings of a recent clinical research study tracing nutrient uptake and use in persons with FA.
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The NIH Center Comprehensive Program for Surveillance of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Patients with FA

Neelam Giri and Sharon Savage cover a brief description of the protocol to prospectively evaluate and follow patients with FA at high risk of SCC with screening at regular intervals.
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Partnership Between Researchers, Docs, Adults (subtitulado ES)

How can adults with FA and researchers partner to bring better treatments faster?
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The Path to a Cure

There are many steps involved to get better treatments and curative options for those with FA. This info sheet visually shows the path to a cure.
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