Partner with Us

Companies and organizations all over the world are a part of achieving Fanconi Cancer Foundation’s mission by engaging their communities to ensure that people with FA have the best chance for longer, healthier lives. We take pride in partnering with them!

Corporate Partners

Doing good is good for business. Elevate your brand, engage employees and customers by partnering with the Fanconi Cancer Foundation. We can help you achieve your goals while also supporting kids and adults affected by FA and associated cancers. 

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

  • – Form a Corporate Team by participating in a fundraiser or challenge
  • – Match employee gifts
  • – Volunteer to make cards for the community
  • – Percent of sale campaign
  • – Sponsor FA Awareness Month (May) or Giving Tuesday (November)
  • – Sponsor the FA Family Retreat or Scientific Symposium

Ready to do some good? Contact Lauren Kennedy, Director of Philanthropy, to learn how to we can work together!

Pharma Partners

Accelerate your impact and forge a stronger presence for your company by partnering with the Fanconi Cancer Foundation. We know that meaningful, lasting impact for FA and cancer patients requires collaboration between companies like yours and research & patient organizations like FCF.

Our industry partners benefit from access to a dynamic network of patient advocates, a link to the patient community, and exclusive networking opportunities at our events. Together, let’s make a lasting impact while enhancing your company’s strategic goals and industry influence.

To explore opportunities, contact Isis Sroka, Chief Scientific Officer.

Nonprofit Partners

Partner with the largest funder of FA research and FA patient support organization in the world. Like you, our goal is to find cures and help people. That’s why Fanconi Cancer Foundation is always looking for nonprofit organizations to help advance research, increase advocacy in the cancer and rare disease spaces, and support people affected by FA. We know the power of collaboration takes us further, faster. 

We fund research that goes beyond FA, advancing early detection, prevention, and therapeutic interventions with the potential to impact others affected by cancer. Our funding includes translating research discoveries into treatment options and investing in the next generation of FA experts. Our research review process is rigorous and tested. We know the very best projects are identified and our goal is to fund them all. With your help, this is possible.

Family Partner Highlight

The Joel Walker Fund

Joel Walker, an adult with FA, passed away from complications of head and neck cancer in November 2016. Joel was a talented student, good at sports, sociable and happy. Research into treatment for FA was a high priority for Joel, along with the hope that he could help others, so he left a large part of his estate to the Fanconi Cancer Foundation. In honor of their son, Joel’s parents, Nigel and Ann Walker, created the Joel Walker Fund.

Join us at the upcoming #FCFSymposium and FA Adult Retreat September 19- 22 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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