Ways to Give

Giving Can Help Buy Precious Time

Since 1989, the Fanconi Cancer Foundation has dedicated more than $33 million towards research in pursuit of better treatments and ultimately a cure for FA and FA cancers.

Donations help advance FA research that can ultimately benefit everyone as we unlock the mysteries of DNA repair problems – which are at the root of not only FA but of cancer. Your gifts drive research forward and help support psychosocial, clinical, and educational initiatives such as peer support, cancer registry and tissue donation, cancer screening programs, and so much more. Every dollar or donation goes towards helping us on that mission – and buying time for the lives of those living with or impacted by FA or FA cancer.

Make a Gift Online

The path to a cure is made by donations. Give today with easy online donation options including PayPal. Through donations like yours, we are making key genetic discoveries and links between FA and cancer development. We’re working to get better outcomes and more time, one donation at a time.

Join the Monthly Giving Club

Our monthly supporters of the Fanconi Anemia Mission (FAM) Support Club make futures brighter for the lives of children and adults with FA. Monthly gifts can fit any budget and gives the Fanconi Cancer Foundation continued support while allowing us to plan for the future, expand, and innovate to better serve the FA community. Join this extra special group of supporters today.

Create a Memorial

Every life should be celebrated, and we are honored to hold a special place for the FA warriors who are no longer with us. Through the Fanconi Cancer Foundation, families can create memorial pages dedicated to their loved ones to share their stories and give friends and family members the opportunity to make a donation in support of FCF, FA research, and our mission for better treatment and a cure.

Double Your Gift with Employer Matching

Through Double Your Donation, find out if your employer participates in our Matching Gifts Program. A simple, easy search will quickly let you know if your employer participates, which can double your donation to FA research and support services without spending a dollar more.

Leave a Legacy with Estate Giving

Estate giving is an opportunity for an individual to make a commitment through a will, living trust, life insurance, retirement plan, or real estate investment that will help FCF continue its mission towards a future for better treatments and ultimately a cure for FA and FA cancers. As long as FCF and our supporters exist, we’ll be working towards that vision. Consider becoming a vital part of FCFs future with a legacy gift today.

Stock Gifts

Did you know stocks or mutual funds can be used as an asset for charitable giving? Stock or mutual fund gifts also generate income tax deductions, and help you avoid capital gains on any appreciated values. Stock gifts are a cash-free way to donate, with tax benefits for flexibility. Generosity gives FA research a future and a way forward. Thank you for considering stock gifts to show your support.

Gifts of Retirement Funds

Donating part or all of your retirement assets such as a gift from your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other tax-deferred plan is an excellent way to make a gift to further our mission. By instructing your IRA administrator to send your IRA directly to FCF, you will also benefit from tax savings.

Foundations and Donor Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) allow individuals, families, or organizations to make charitable contributions to a dedicated fund, receive an immediate tax benefit, and recommend grants from the fund to specific nonprofits over time. Please consider the Fanconi Cancer Foundation as your preferred charitable organization. Gifts from DAFs give hope and help to accelerate research for a cure.

Gifts from Insurance

A gift of your life insurance policy is an excellent way to support the Fanconi Cancer Foundation. If you have a life insurance policy that has outlasted its original purpose, consider making a gift of your insurance policy. For example, you may have purchased a policy to provide for minor children who are now financially independent adults.