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Fanconi Anemia Explained

What Is FA?

FA is a genetic disease caused by mutations in any of the known 23 genes (including genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2) that play a role in the FA DNA repair pathway. FA is considered a cancer-predisposition or cancer-susceptibility disease. Decades of research have revealed that faulty DNA repair causes FA, and individuals with FA are much more likely to develop cancer at a young age.

Better Care Now

Clinical Care Guidelines

At Fanconi Cancer Foundation, we are in relentless pursuit of better care, better treatment, and ultimately, a cure for FA and FA-related cancers. Our clinical care guidelines are here as a resource for medical and care team providers who may never have crossed paths with FA before, in hopes they are able to provide better support for patients with FA.

Knowledge Is Key

Cancer Awareness and Empowerment

Cancer can be daunting, and it’s natural to want to avoid dwelling on it. At FCF, we understand the weight of this concern for families affected by FA. That’s why we’re committed to partnering with the FA research and medical community to confront this challenge head-on. While experts work tirelessly towards solutions, we encourage you to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

Stay Informed

Resource Library

Explore our library of educational materials and videos to empower individuals and families impacted by FA. Gain insights, guidance, and understanding to navigate FA’s complexities with more confidence.

The Latest

News & Events

Introducing the Fanconi Cancer Foundation: A New Era in FA Research & Impact

In 1989, Lynn and David Frohnmayer founded the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund (FARF), determined and desperate to find a cure for their three daughters diagnosed with Fanconi anemia (FA). Since then, their vision has grown into a vibrant community of FA families, researchers, clinicians, donors, fundraisers, staff, and volunteers, all dedicated to improving outcomes for people with FA.

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The Genetic Revolution for Fanconi Anemia Begins Now 

World-Renown Experts Take On the Root of the Problem The long-awaited genetic revolution for rare genetic diseases has arrived and with it, the potential to cure diseases like FA within our lifetimes using state-of-the-art gene therapy (gene replacement) and gene...

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From Diagnosis to Advocacy: My Story with Fanconi Anemia

My name is Blue Mohr and I’m a 27-year-old living with Fanconi anemia (FA). I’m from Austin, Texas, though I am currently living in Washington, D.C. where I’m pursuing a Master of Public Health degree from the George Washington University with concentrations in epidemiology, cancer, and public health communication and marketing. 

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