Scientist Spotlight: Lindsey Romick

The stats:

Name: Lindsey Romick, PhD

Institution: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; Cincinnati, Ohio

Area of expertise: Metabolism in Human Disease and Cancers

My work:

My research focuses on understanding the underlying metabolic dysfunctions in persons with Fanconi anemia that lead to stunted growth, an inability to gain weight, and/or abnormal subcutaneous fat storage, and increased risk of both onset and progression of cancers. The goal of this work is to pinpoint what metabolic abnormality is leading to the above conditions and implement interventions, such as customized nutritional plans and/or supplementation with needed nutrients and enzymes that may be absent or poorly used in persons with FA.

What motivates me to work on FA:

The FA community motivates me every single day. I was lucky enough to be invited to Camp Sunshine in June 2012 as a brand new postdoc in Dr. Susa Wells’ lab. I had only just heard of Fanconi anemia for the first time a few months earlier. When I left camp that year, I knew that I would dedicate my career to understanding this disease. I fell in love with the individuals with FA, with the families, with the community and almost 10 years later that passion to help this population has only grown stronger.

When I’m not in the lab, you could find me:

I spend nearly all of my free time with my daughters, Lily (10) and Annie (6). We love being outdoors and exploring nearby nature centers and parks and finding nearby lakes and rivers to paddle our kayaks and standup paddle boards on.

Anything else you want FA families to know?

Thank you for your unwavering support of FA researchers like myself. Thank you for your endless strength and for always being willing to ask us the tough questions. It has made me a better scientist and a better human being.

Photos below: Lindsey with her daughters; with Jack Timperley, an FA adult; Jack with Lindsey’s children

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