Rosie Holcomb

Development Officer

Rosie’s journey began in Central Oregon before she made her way west to the University of Oregon, where she pursued a degree in biology with minors in sociology and chemistry. Prior to joining FCF, Rosie honed her skills in the nonprofit sector, first with the 4-H program and later at the United Way of Lane County, where she spearheaded programs and cultivated meaningful connections with members and donors.

Since joining FCF in 2021, Rosie has been a dynamic force within the organization. Starting as the Family Services Program Manager at FARF, she provided vital support to caregivers and FA-affected individuals, orchestrating events, crafting resources, and offering hands-on assistance. In 2023, Rosie transitioned to the role of Development Officer, diving headfirst into fundraising initiatives, collaborating with donors, managing events, and fortifying fundraising programs.

Beyond the professional realm, she enjoys spending time with her husband, a good book and strong cup of coffee!