Orion Marx Joins the Board of Directors

We are pleased to welcome longtime FARF supporter and FA parent Orion Marx to the Board of Directors. Following years of experience in the economic sector, Orion founded Atlas Financial, a firm which helps clients with financial, estate and business owner planning. A longtime resident of Sarasota County, Orion volunteers with numerous local foundations and organizations. He and his wife, Lisa, have two daughters, Avery and Violet, and two rescue dogs. An avid sports fan, Orion trains for and participates in various multi-sport competitions, including running, biking, and kayaking. In 2010, he turned these sports challenges into a way to raise funds for Fanconi anemia research. “Team BrAvery” is a fundraising team named for his daughter, Avery. The team takes on extreme challenges such as running two marathons in one weekend, biking across seven states in a day, and pushing a 3,100-pound truck around a two-mile track.

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