Grief Support

Grief is not a mental health disorder. It’s part of being human. It’s part of knowing love, and we will all at some point experience it. Grief can emerge anywhere in our lives, but for this community grief is all too familiar. Whether it’s anticipatory grief, the loss of a loved one, or collective grief, we’ve all come to know grief in some shape or form while navigating FA.

To be “bereaved” literally means to be torn apart.” (Dr. Alan Wolfelt). If you are here, you likely know this feeling. No words written or spoken, can take away the pain you now feel. We hope, though, that these groups will help bring you comfort, support, resources, and companionship as you navigate what it means to live with and process your loss.

In This Together

Bereavement Groups for the FA Community

FCF provides free virtual, peer support grief groups for those 18+ and based in the United States that have experienced a significant loss in their life due to Fanconi anemia. These groups do not provide formal counseling, but rather a safe, non-judgmental, space where members can share their stories, resources, and connect with others who have walked in similar shoes. The goal of these groups is not to erase pain, but to companion one another inside of it, and to tend to it with kindness, compassion, honesty, and care.

Groups meet online and involve a mix of open dialogue, education, and activity-based programming, and are facilitated by peers and volunteers that have completed grief and loss training.

Potential benefits of group:

  • Instillation of hope
  • Universality & sense of belonging (you are not alone!)
  • Imparting of information (insight, helpful suggestions, understanding, and resource sharing)
  • Altruism (groups not only provide members with the opportunity to receive support, but to give it as well).
  • Safe place for emotional expression and release of feelings

​How To Join A Grief Group

If you are grieving and feel that you might benefit from the support of others in a group environment, please complete the member application and we will connect with you to ensure our group can meet your needs.

​Apply To Be A Facilitator

“Grief, often the most profound form of sorrow, demands the support and compassion of our fellow human beings” (Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Center for Loss & Life Transition). Grief groups provide an opportunity for peers and volunteers to help nurture others with compassion and support.

If you are interested in companioning others in their grief as a facilitator, we encourage you to apply. We believe that you will find it to be a true privilege to “walk” alongside fellow grievers in this FAmily.

Grief Resources

For questions contact our Community Programs team. We are here for you.