From Dream to Reality: Empowering Parenthood Through Egg Donation and Surrogacy

To begin this story, I want to share that my dream of being a mother came true because three of the most powerful types of love I know came together: the love of a couple, the love of a sister, and the love of others. I believe God made this possible.

Since I was young, I always dreamed of being a mom. I felt that since many women share this dream, somehow my own desire wasn’t a strong enough reason to believe it would come true. However, I never lost hope, even though I had reason to. Living with Fanconi anemia has deprived me of many things, including the inability to conceive naturally due to early menopause.

I have always considered myself incredibly fortunate because I am surrounded by an abundance of love: love from my family, my friends, my husband, and from all the people who have touched my life. So, whenever I share this story with my daughter Violeta, I remind her that she is the product of three profound loves:

The love of a couple: My husband and I deeply love each other, and we have traversed this long journey with immense patience and cooperation. When we reflect on the path we have traveled, we can hardly believe it. All we can do is express our gratitude to God for the miracle that has unfolded.

The love of a sister: My sister selflessly became my egg donor. From the moment I approached her, she readily agreed without any hesitation. She underwent ovarian stimulation twice because our initial attempts were unsuccessful. I love my sister dearly, and her act of love granted us the gift of life.

The love of others: We encountered our angel, the woman who carried Violeta in her womb for 35 weeks (approximately 8 months), caring for her throughout the journey. She remained steadfastly committed to us, walking alongside us for four years, striving to make our dreams come true. We experienced two failed attempts, but on the third try, our great miracle arrived.

It has been a lengthy road of four years, encompassing a pandemic, numerous medical appointments, therapy sessions, and countless meetings with lawyers. At the opportune moment, we even switched doctors. Our prayers were answered many times over. This surrogacy case is the first to be carried out and approved by CONANI (National Council for Children and Adolescents) and the court for children and adolescents in the Dominican Republic. We are immensely grateful for the support we received from the doctors, lawyers, friends, and our entire family, as they provided us with the strength to persevere.

That’s how the love between a couple transformed into parental love, the love of a sister expanded our family, and the love of others on February 8, 2022, resulted in our miracle named Violeta Estévez Tabar.

Today, Violeta is a year and three months old. She has filled our lives with unparalleled joy and made us the luckiest people in the world. Having her with us makes us better individuals each day.

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