Fanconi anemia research cannot move forward without funding. Great advances in understanding this disease have been made, but more needs to be done to find a cure. The FARF team is here to help you! Give us a call at 541.687.4658 or email us.

How can I help?

I Want to Raise Funds for FARF. Where Do I Start?

The idea of fundraising can be a bit daunting, but it doesn't need to be! Start with the Fundraising Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Fundraising for FARF

We’ve developed some useful forms and templates to help your event run smoothly:

Before & during your event:

  • Contact List: Keep track of your invitees, participants, sponsors, donors & volunteers in one document.
  • Budget Tracker: Record your income & expenses as they come in. Choose the Basic Budget Tracker for smaller events such as a dinner, dance, garage or bake sale. Choose the Advanced Budget Tracker for larger events such as a 5K, golf tournament, banquet & auction, etc.
  • In-Kind Donation Form: Use this form to accept in-kind donations to your fundraiser.
  • Sponsorship Request Letter: How to ask businesses for sponsorships or donations.

After your event:

  • Event Round-up: A few simple questions about your event. This will also help us continue to help other families.
  • Reimbursement Request: This is only required if you would like FARF to reimburse any costs from your event. Costs will be deducted from the proceeds of your event.
  • Thank you letter: A template of a letter to thank your donors (FARF will also send a formal thank you letter).

Do you have a specific event in mind? Want to have a 5K but have no idea where to start? What about a concert or a dinner banquet? Use these step-by-step event planning guides to help:

Sometimes it is best to start simple. Reach out to your family, friends and community with a heartfelt letter.


Materials & Promo Items Available to Use at Your Event

  • Stand-up banners: To use at your event (better indoors), these 6 ft. pop-up banners are easy to assemble and make a great impression.
  • FARF banners: This 2- X 6-foot banner is available to borrow for your fundraiser.
  • I’m Why You’re Here banners: We can ship these 40- X 55-inch B&W banners to you for use at your event. They have metal grommets that you can use to hang them. Or, we have two stands that can be used to display them on the floor.
  • Display board: We can ship tailor this display board with a photo of your FA family member/friend and ship it to you for use at your event.
  • Brochure: This brochure can be used as an FA awareness tool - it's great at events large and small.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • FA and FARF Fact Sheet
  • Table flyers: These flyers feature photos and stories of FA fighters. They’re great to put in stands at dinner/banquet tables or around your venue. Click below to download images for social media sharing. Contact [email protected] for hi-resolution versions or if you'd like us to send you printed copies.

Want to use the FARF logo on your event materials?

Please use the version below or email [email protected] to get the file type you need.

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