Fundraising Tools

The following fundraising tools available from the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund can help you conduct and manage a successful fundraiser.

Note that all items will be provided on an as-available basis. We will do our best to provide you with the tools you need.

Pop-up Banners - To use at your event (better indoors), these 6 ft. pop-up banners are easy to assemble and make a great impression.

Informative Display Board - We can ship tailor this display board with a photo of your FA family member/friend and ship it to you for use at your event.

Canvas Banners - We can ship these 40- X 55-inch B&W banners to you for use at your event. They have metal grommets that you can use to hang them. Or, we have two stands that can be used to display them on the floor.

FARF Banner - This 2- X 6-foot banner is available to borrow for your fundraiser.

Brochure - This brochure can be used as an FA awareness tool - it's great at events large and small!

Fact Sheet in English or Spanish - This can be used as an FA awareness tool.

FAQs in English or Spanish - This can be used as an FA awareness tool.

Sample Letters - It can be difficult to write when starting with a blank page. The following letters are samples of actual and successful fundraising letters written by FA parents and patients. Feel free to use all or part of one or more of the sample letters to tailor a fundraising letter to fit your family’s circumstances. Or read the letters for inspiration towards creating your own original letter!

Sponsorship Request Letter Sample

Auction Item Donation Form Sample

In-Kind Donation Request Form

In-Kind Receipt Sample

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