Family Pages

Many of our families affected by FA maintain a webpage or blog on Caring Bridge. You may go directly to Caring Bridge or you may click on a specific link below.


Rileigh Adams
In Memory of Katrina Aggabao  ~  Video: an original song for FA by Michael Aggabao accompanied by a slideshow
James Christopher Allums
Anthony Arroyo
In Memory of Kendall and Taylor Atkinson (KATA Foundation)


Angela Bedoya
Johanna Bender
Amelia and Marshall Bennett
Matthew Beyer
Lucas and Owen Blake
In Memory of Nicholas Boggs  ~  Video: Nicholas singing You Are My Sunshine
Jo and Jacy Box
Jordan Brunson
In Memory of Hope Burkin
In Memory of Garvan Byrne (a video)


Michael Capone
Ryan Clanton
In Memory of Emily Clark
Emma C
Tara Cleary
Isaac Coleman
Theo Collings
Evan and Becca Connelly
In Memory of Katie Criss
In Memory of Natalie Curry
Kennedy Curvey


Lily Lou De Groot
Cooper DeHaan


Johnathan Eckstadt
BJ Estep
Olivia Eubank
Beth Evans


Devin Fales (devinspage)
Cale Ferrin
Cale’s Caddies
In Memory of Edwin Ferreira
Jordan, Julia and Jorja Flynn


Nathan Gilbert
In Memory of Samuel Gillott
Ryan Godfrey
In Memory of Maria Godwin
In Memory of Henry Strongin Goldberg
Shannon Gough
Isaac and Avery Graham-Anderson
Isabella Griggs


In Memory of John Hanna
Rachel and Michael Hardy 
Lindsey Hathcock
In Memory of Alyah Haynes
Sam Hoffman
In Memory of Charisse Howard-Jones
Sandra Hubbard


Nick Jones


In Memory of Brandon Knupp
Brian Kuell


Will Lackey
Sebastian la Cour Marker Rasmussen
Eli Lana
Madison Landwehr
Jiena and Mason Lee
In Memory of Nicole “Coley” Levine
Delia Levine-Horrigan
Baylor Lindsay
Dalton Lundon
In Memory of Joshua Lytle ~ Video: a slideshow of Joshua


Julia Maimone
In Memory of Samantha McCarthy
In Memory of Davaan McDuffie
Erin McKee
Connor and Dane Mefford
Jasper Miles
Anthony Jon Miller
Haylee Milroy
In Memory of Dylan Moore
Ben Murnane


In Memory of Ashlynn Nicholson


Elias Ormond


Alexandra and Matthew Pearl
Carter Pepper 
Cameron Perlish
Sarah Petersen
Suria Prabhu and Prasath Raj
Roy Proctor


In Memory of Alicia Reed
David Rodwell
Karly Ross


Sean Sands
Caleb Siegel
McKayla Smith
Macy Stewart
Olivia Sumrall


In Memory of Kelly Turner; Book: We Just Want Our Daughter to Live
(This link opens the book in pdf file format. The file size is 6.8 MB. It may take a few minutes to load.)

In Memory of Kiara Tyler


In Memory of Dianna Vannostran


Tyler Wade
Abigail Williams
Gregory Wolford
Elijiah Woods
In Memory of Taliah Woods


Wesley Young

of note

Now accepting applications for the $5,000 Amy Winn & Christopher Byrd Award for Adults with FA learn more...

The first Joel Walker Scientific Focus Meeting has been announced learn more...

FARF Receives Grant to Expand Development Program learn more...

Aileen Carlos, Portland-based lawyer, joins the Board of Directors learn more...