Family Support

The Fanconi Anemia Research Fund is committed to providing education and support services to families around the world affected by FA. The Fund sponsors a variety of programs and services to assist the FA patients and their families who register with us (at no cost). To register, or to learn more about the Fund's family support program and free services, please contact our Family Services Director, Marie Sweeten.

Family Support Network

  • Online Support Group: The Fanconi Anemia Research Fund manages a "secret" Facebook support group, which allow adults with FA and parents of children with FA to exchange questions and information with others affected by FA. Many families find the online community to be a valuable and readily available source of information to help them deal with the diagnosis and effects of Fanconi anemia. To request to join the group, contact Marie Sweeten, our Family Services Director: E-mail: [email protected], Telephone: 541-687-4658, Toll-free within the United States: 1-888-FANCONI (888-326-2664).
  • International Family Support Network: International families may wish to access additional support within their home countries. Our  International Support page provides contact information for FA support groups around the world.

FA Family Directory

The Family Directory is only accessible to those who are listed in it. To be included in the next update, please complete this form. For additional questions, please contact Marie Sweeten, our Family Services Director.


The Fund provides education to those affected by FA. Our Annual Family Meeting brings specialists and families together, providing parents and adults with FA with the latest information on health care guidelines, as well as giving children with FA opportunities for leisure activities in a supportive environment. In addition, the Fund periodically sponsors FA information and support meetings to educate and inform families of the latest treatments for FA and meetings for adults with FA.

A series of five videos about Fanconi anemia, produced by Víctor Graupera, a graduate student at the UAB (Barcelona, Spain) provides a great overview of FA. The videos are available both in English and in Spanish:



Tumor Testing, Clinical Trials, and Other Research Opportunities

Finding more effective treatments and a cure for FA depends on research. FA patients are encouraged to consider utilizing molecular diagnostic testing at OHSU Knight Diagnostic Laboratories, participating in clinical trials and other research opportunities. These opportunities are designed to further the study of FA and, in some cases, provide cutting-edge treatment to patients. The gene therapy clinical trial in Seattle is open for FA-A individuals 4 year old or older. For more information, click here. In addition, all families affected by FA are asked to contribute to FA research through research sample donation. The National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI) is the Fund's partner in biospecimen sample collection.

Additional Resources

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